Welcome to my website - always a work in progress... I aim to update it with new pictures from time to time.

If you like what you see now, please come back and look again in a month or two - there may be more!

It's a showcase for my pictures, and I hope that people will want to buy prints of some of the images.

There's no porn here, but there are some bare bodies. If these may offend you, please go to:


- and do something really important for the world...

I still love darkroom work, and originally, restricted this site to black-and-white pictures from my darkroom. Time moves on, though, and I now do a good deal of my shooting digitally.

But I still have a darkroom, and retreat into it from time to time to make real pictures on real paper, developed and fixed the old-fashioned way. It's fun.

Otherwise - come on in. I hope you'll enjoy seeing my pictures as much as I've enjoyed taking and printing them!

And... if you find any problems with the website, please drop me a line so that I can get it sorted out.